No More Hiding Behind Crooked Teeth

May 5, 2023by AJS0


Having a beautiful smile can do wonders for your looks and confidence. As a child , a grin with missing front teeth or a crooked smile can be easily passed off as ‘cute’, but as soon as we reach adulthood, we start feeling self conscious about our crooked smile and start wishing it was better if we had gotten it corrected timely.


What are the problems of having a crooked teeth?

Every person is unique and that includes their teeth and smile. Some find their crooked teeth to be an expression of their individuality. But unfortunately, crooked teeth can lead to numerous oral health issues and other complications if left untreated .

– Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean, leading to plaque accumulation which in turn causes gum & bone disease.

– A crooked tooth can be a potential site for food lodgement thus increasing the risk of dental cavities.

– Malaligned teeth and jaws could make chewing difficult and impair your digestion

– Badly aligned teeth negatively affect one’s appearance and smile thus decreasing self confidence.

– Sports related injuries are also quiet common with forwardly placed upper teeth.

– Crooked teeth can also cause frequent headaches and jaw joint (TMJ) disorders.


Does my child need braces?

Not every child needs braces . A simple way to gauge if your child needs orthodontic treatment is by visiting an Orthodontist. A thorough clinical examination and few dental x rays can help your dentist diagnose any jaw or tooth discrepencies that your child may have. Only a specialist may pick up on issues that are not visible to the naked eye due to their extensive training in this area.


When should I take my child for orthodontic screening? Should I wait till all milk teeth fall?

Even though your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled no later than his/her first birthday, it is recommended that your child have an orthodontic screening around the age of 7, ie even before all permanent teeth have erupted in the mouth. This enables us to tell if your child may actually have an orthodontic problem or if it is just a normal developmental variation. Also, there are certain treatments that can be done better when the growth process of your child is in full swing. These also help to minimise future disease burden and decrease the duration of future braces treatment.


Do braces hurt?

The thought of getting braces can be intimidating for some.The Process of braces installation usually takes about one or two hours and doesnot hurt. Mild discomfort or soreness can be felt after few hours of placing brackets due to pressure from the wire. It generally takes a few days for your child to get adjusted to their braces. Pain killers and anti

inflammatory pills can help soothe the pain and make this adjustment period smoother. Once your child gets adjusted to the braces, you will realize its not as daunting as you thought .


A healthy and beautiful smile has a positive impact on your child’s everyday life and routine. There are a plenty of health benefits when it comes to getting braces because having straight teeth not only gives your child a pretty smile but also helps with their over-all health. Now that is definitely something to smile about!

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